luxury watch bands with integrated fitness trackers

track your health without compromising your style

Suru Bands is the best solution if you want a fitness tracker for your classic watch

A new luxury brand of watch bands with integrated activity trackers built to complement your favorite timepiece



your health is your most important asset 

Long business hours and a hectic lifestyle 
makes it difficult to find the time to stay fit.

Suru Bands will track your daily activities
and help you reach your goals!





Your favorite timepiece
turns smart

The Suru Band fitness tracker adds an extra dimension to your classical timepiece

Suru Bands will discreetly keep track of your primary health parametres; 
Step counting / Sleep pattern / Calorie consumption / Active minutes and more

To fit most luxury watches Suru Bands come in the following widths: 20 mm and 22 mm at the clasp.
Design options include either black or brown leather and golden or silver details . 




visualize your progress on demand 

 The Suru Band activity tracker automatically syncs with the Suru Band application on your smart phone via Bluetooth connectivity

The Suru Band application gives you feedback on progress and goal completion 
Add further activities to get the complete overview of your activities 
Based on your results you will be given new targets  


We are working on finalizing our app to create the best possible experience when using the Suru Band fitness tracker as a watch strap for your classic watch.



Suru Bands will be
available soon

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